Aluminum Sailboat Building at its Best

Aluminum OVNI 370 sailboat

Where’s the best place to see a new Aluminum sailboat? The Alubat boatyard in France, of course! See highlights of what to expect on your visit to Alubat.

Open House at Alubat

open house at the Alubat boatyard

Join us at the Alubat boatyard in Les Sables d’Olonne, France for our Open House this coming May 31 to June 1 and get on board a new OVNI 370 and OVNI 430.

Amazing 43-ft Aluminum Sailboat

Roberta from Odd Life Crafting review of Ovni 430 sailboat

Full-time cruisers Roberta and Duca stopped by to visit us during the La Rochelle Boat Show for a tour of the NEW Ovni 430.

Aluminum Sailboat Misconceptions

aluminum hull construction

“I have a friend, who knows a guy, who has a cousin, that bought an aluminum boat, and after a week in the marina the bottom fell out of her”.

Alubat Pricing

Alubat OVNI 450 Sailing

How Much Does a Well-Equipped Alubat Ovni Cost? Find out how we price the Ovni range of aluminum sailboats for the serious off-shore cruiser.

OVNI 490 Preview

Rendered image of the new Ovni 490 aluminum sailboat

The 490 shares some of the hallmarks of the Ovni range: shaft drive, full sailplan, centerboard, and spacious interior with a raised salon layout.

This Sailboat Has a Superpower

The Alubat Superpower - lifting centerboard

Beyond the aluminum hull construction, Alubat sailboats all have a superpower – the centerboard. Shallow water, beaching, canals are just some of the benefits

Tour the New Ovni 430

Ovni 430 spinnaker sailing

The Ovni 430 combines innovation, comfort and performance. The longer waterline with the inverted bow improves performance and expands the interior volume.

Building 100% Aluminum Sailboats

Precision work and perfectionism at the Alubat boatyard

What does it mean to build a 100% Aluminum sailboat? We asked GM Luc Jurien to walk us through the process of building the aluminum sailboats at Alubat.