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OVNI 370 new design

The inverted bow improves performance and increases the interior volume

Unique hull design

The unique inverted bow design of the new OVNI aluminum sailboat range is suited for long-range sailing. This inverted bow design extends the waterline and results in better sailing performance. Consequently, the inverted bow also increases the interior volume. 

The additional space forward creates large and deep anchor lockers that are divided fore and aft. As a result, chain and rhode can be properly stored. The bowsprit, which is equipped with a double roller, places the headsail forward for better sailing performance

Priced at 578,545 €

This price represents an example of a fully equipped Ovni 370 aluminum sailboat. Additional premium equipment is included in order to meet the requirements of a long-distance sailor.

Interior Gallery

Raised salon

The raised salon aboard the OVNI 370 aluminum sailboat provides expansive panoramic views while sailing and when at anchor. The result is a bright interior with visibility both while seated or when working in the galley. The windows include 5 opening portlights to bring in additional ventilation. 

There is lots of seating to accommodate 6 to 8 people around the table. Because the floor is raised to allow for better visibility, there is plenty of storage under the bench seats for the liveaboard sailor.

The chart table is located on the port side as you enter the companionway and because of the raised salon, is in level to the height of the surrounding windows. This results in giving you excellent visibility while keeping watch. This is also where you can access the boat’s electrical panel. 

cabin layout

The two cabin layout is stands with one cabin located forward and tthe other aft. They both offers plenty of storage and privacy. An option for a third cabin in the technical room located aft is also available. 

The bright forward cabin also has a separate enclosed shower. A head with a sink is located aft just ahead of the technical room.

exterior Gallery

Deck design

The flat decks, as on all the Alubat aluminum sailboats, are easy to move around on and offer lots of deck space forward. There are 6 cleats welded directly onto the deck. The stanchions, which are raised slightly above the deck, are also welded onto the toerail. Handrails allow safe movement on deck and are welded directly onto the deckhouse. 

sailing in All-Weather Conditions

The aluminum dodger is welded onto the deck in order for the cockpit to be completely enclosed for all-weather protection. For better sail handling, there are two helm stations that give you easy access to the winches. Optional electrical equipment, engine control and remote windlass control also benefits the single-handed sailor. 

There is plenty of exterior storage in the cockpit and aft at the swim platform. The aluminum arch is an ideal location for installing optional solar and communication equipment and, of course, stowing the dinghy.


Ovni 370 interior layout with raised salon aboard the aluminum sailing boat
Ovni 370 interior layout with raised salon

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equipment list and price: 578,545 €

This price represents an example of a fully equipped Ovni 370 aluminum sailboat. Additional premium equipment is included in order to meet the requirements of a long-distance sailor. Note: items in bold are in addition to the standard equipment list.

hull & deck construction

deck Fittings

Anchoring & mooring

Sails & Running Rigging

The sails are all high-tech Pro-Radial woven polyester sails made by Incidence Sails in La Rochelle, France. Included are the following:




Chart table



Forward Cabin & separate shower

Aft cabin

aft head

Technical room

mechanical / electrical

navigational electronics

B&G Electronics Package Includes (sample installation, owner can choose their preferred equipment): 

centerboard & rudders