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OVNI 430 aluminum sailboat

Priced at 764,304 €

building on the success of tried and tested sailboat design

Alubat’s experience and expertise in building blue water 100% aluminum sailboats in collaboration with MORTAIN & MAVRIKIOS and CBA design agencies, meant that the upgrade from the OVNI 400 to the OVNI 430 was bound to be a success.

The OVNI 430 aluminum sailboat is part of the new generation of sailing yachts combining innovation, ergonomics, comfort and performance.

A new generation of aluminum sailboats

The aluminum hull with an inverted and voluminous bow gives the boat a longer waterline. The sailboat hull is built using semi-thick aluminum resulting in a lighter overall structure (10mm for the bottom plate, 8 mm for the rest of the hull). 

There is also an increase in volume in the front two thirds of the hull, creating extra space in the forward lockers. This results in a larger sail locker and a deeper anchor locker.

Another change from the previous sailboat model is the addition of another chine in the structure. This chine, combined with other changes to the hull, means that the centerboard lifts all the way inside for better hydrodynamics while sailing as well as a better position when beached.

The benefits of the lifting centerboard allows navigation to shallow waters when searching for protected anchorages, and increased heavy weather downwind sailing performance and safety.

The NACA profile centerboard is built in cast iron can be manually lifted using existing winches.

Benefits of a redesigned deck: Better sail management and ease of movement

The benefits of the aluminum hull design are further enhanced with a new deck. For example, the coach roof is slightly widened as compared to the 400, and the coach roof angles are also modified that results in a raised deck salon interior layout.

Unlike the Ovni 400 sailboat that had an arch specifically for the mainsheet, the mainsheet on the new Ovni 430 aluminum sailboat is now on the coach roof. With that modification, both the Genoa and Staysail sheet passages have also been improved.

Further improving sail management and performance, the boom is slightly lowered, and the integrated double bowsprit and forestay have been moved further ahead.

Another change to the deck is easy access to the stern lockers from both the cockpit and aft. There is also additional volume in the life raft storage locker. 

raised deck salon: modern interior sailboat layout

The numerous windows, opening portlights and overhead hatches provide plenty of light and ventilation aboard the open concept interior aboard the Ovni 430 aluminum sailboat

The new sailboat hull and deck design allow for a raised deck salon layout with panoramic views both while sailing and while at anchor. The navigation station is also raised for active watch keeping. 

The salon is offset to the port side and creates an open and connected interior space, and thanks to the windows and opening portlights surrounding the salon, the space is always light and airy. The galley is located on the starboard side and, again, visibility and ventilation are a key hallmark of this new modern layout design. 

Exterior gallery

As part of the new generation of sailboats, the new aluminum Ovni 430 combines innovation, comfort and performance. The inverted bow gives a longer waterline length to improve performance and expands both the interior and exterior volume. A new, inclined and watertight companionway door is both secure and easy to operate.

Interior layout

The Ovni 430 sailboat improves on the tried and tested design of the Ovni 400 sailboat. An upgraded raised interior features panoramic view for active watchkeeping, great light and ventilation. An offset salon on the port side opens the interior area.

A large owner cabin is located forward and highlights the new, modern layout and design.  


Ovni 430 sailboat standard layout
Ovni 430 sailboat standard layout
A different interior layout option with more cabin option aboard the Ovni 430 aluminum sailboat
430 Family Layout
Optional Ovni 430 sailboat interior layout with additional head
Optional 430 Owner Layout

tour the ovni 430 aluminum sailboat

equipment list and price: 764,304 €

This price represents an example of a fully equipped Ovni 430 aluminum sailboat. Additional premium equipment is included in order to meet the requirements of a long-distance sailor. Note: items in bold are in addition to the standard equipment list.

hull & deck construction

deck Fittings

Anchoring & mooring

Sails & Running Rigging

The sails are all high-tech Pro-Radial woven polyester sails made by Incidence Sails in La Rochelle, France. Included are the following:




Chart table



Forward Cabin

Aft cabin

aft head / Shower

Technical room / Aft starboard cabin

Sail Locker

mechanical / electrical

navigational electronics

B&G Electronics Package Includes (sample installation): 

centerboard & rudders