Alubat OVNI 450 Sailing

Alubat Pricing

How Much Does a Well-Equipped Alubat Ovni Cost? Find out how we price the Ovni range of aluminum sailboats for the serious off-shore cruiser.

From a full suite of high-tech Pro Radial woven polyester sails by Incidence Sails, a hard dodger and full navigation package, to a generator, watermaker, air conditioner and so much more, our price reflects real-world cruising.

Alubat is a rare boatyard that is building boats for the love it, and is not a part of a big corporate conglomerate. This is a yard that does a very small level of production. With that in mind, we’ve priced the range of Alubat yachts with an equipment list that really dovetails well with that philosophy.

You can find pricing for the full range by visiting the page links for each of the Alubat yachts. 


Making Waves

open house at the Alubat boatyard

Open House at Alubat

Join us at the Alubat boatyard in Les Sables d’Olonne, France for our Open House this coming May 31 to June 1 and get on board a new OVNI 370 and OVNI 430.

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