Precision work and perfectionism at the Alubat boatyard

Building 100% Aluminum Sailboats

What does it mean to build a 100% Aluminum sailboat? We asked GM Luc Jurien to walk us through the process of building the aluminum sailboats at Alubat.
Skilled workers welding at the Alubat shipyard

From the types of aluminum used and laying out the metal sheets on a jig, to welding and transforming the sheets into expedition-class sailboats, we get into some of the details of building at Alubat. 

Aluminum sheets that are 4 to 10 mm thick are brought together and welded to become a hull, deck, and finally a boat of incredible robustness. Pink traces left by the dye penetrant tests show that the welds are watertight.

The hull is always assembled upside down, with the ballasted daggerboard being installed about 3 weeks after the beginning of construction. It takes an average of 10 weeks in the metal shop before the boat reaches the painting stage.

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Making Waves

open house at the Alubat boatyard

Open House at Alubat

Join us at the Alubat boatyard in Les Sables d’Olonne, France for our Open House this coming May 31 to June 1 and get on board a new OVNI 370 and OVNI 430.

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