Luca and Roberta from Odd Life Crafting

The ‘Small’ Huge Sailboat

Tour of the new Ovni 370 with Duca and Roberta on their YouTube channel Odd Life Crafting.

We met Duca and Roberta during the Le Grand pavious boat show this past fall in La Rochelle, France. This Brazilian couple is currently building their own a custom aluminum sailboat. They’ve commissioned an aluminum hull and deck from a French manufacturer but plan to build the interior on their own. Every step of the process is well documented on their YouTube Channel Odd Life CraftingWhile at the show they dropped by to tour the Ovni 370 aluminum sailboat we had on display (and the Ovni 430 on different day). 

A 'small' huge sailboat

So what do they mean by a ‘small’ huge sailboat? It’s a long story, but essentially the Alubat 370 aluminum sailboat is actually 39 feet. While the waterline length has an impact on the overall size, the hull shape, coach roof design and deck salon layout all contribute to creating a more spacious interior. 

The optimal interior layout in the salon gives you a clear line of site. You also gain lots of storage under the seats thanks to the elevated seating. Even the construction methods used to build the 100% aluminum sailboats enhances the storage capacity. That’s because all the custom furniture comes through the companionway, and unlike other builders, Alubat doesn’t use fiberglass liners which waste valuable storage capacity. 

Alubat Ovni 370 aluminum sailing boat interior layout with a raised salon

The inverted bow increases the interior space

In line with the new Alubat aluminum sailboat range, the inverted bow also increases the interior volume. The additional space forward creates a large and deep anchor locker that are divided fore and aft. As a result, chain and rhode can be properly stored. It also create a huge forward storage locker that is ideal for stowing sails, fenders and additional ‘dirty’ gear.

Be sure to watch Roberta and Duca’s video on their YouTube channel Odd Life Crafting  – which in their own words, is an “unbelievable small, huge sailboat!”


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